Court of Appeals Upholds Jury’s Finding of No Negligence

On December 5, 2012, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals affirmed a jury’s finding that a physician’s failure to obtain informed consent (regarding a breast tissue biopsy) was not a substantial factor in causing injury to the plaintiff and a jury’s finding that the physician was not negligent in performing the biopsy. Even though the plaintiff did not file post-verdict motions with respect to the physician, she claimed that she was appealing the jury’s findings. Yet, in a footnote, the Court of Appeals recognized that the plaintiff did not challenge the verdict in favor of the physician; it therefore affirmed the dismissal of the physician. Lori Gendelman tried the case on behalf of the physician. Jason J. Franckowiak represented the physician in the Court of Appeals.


December 2010

New Website Launches

On December 10th, Otjen, Van Ert & Weir, S.C. launched a new website located at The site features a fresh new design along with major enhancements to content delivery, interactivity and overall usability. The website was designed and...
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